Film Locations

Shooting a film is not an easy job since there are a lot of conditions that you need to satisfy. Picking the proper location is one of the essential conditions that you need to meet at first. In the absence of a scout, you need to do all the work by yourself. So, here are the things that you need to keep in mind while picking film locations.


Permits are things that you require at first if your location happens to be a road with heavy traffic. Shooting at public places requires you to take prior permission from the government in order to avoid any kind of violation. The entire set will turn out to be secure by taking permits, as hurdles will seem to be far away.


The Required Authenticity

Filmmakers who tend to dream big, end up compromising a lot due to financial constraints. This particular aspect creates situations where they shoot scenes in their apartments when it should have been at the hospital. Such mistakes go a long way in ruining the overall impact that your movie is going to bring to the table. Hence, always let things to be authentic and real.


While looking through different location sets, it is extremely important that you use a camera. Capturing images help you visualise a lot in mind and that will visualisation will finalise the location. If you are not able to get the image of a scene at a particular place, then you need to move on and look for other places.

An Owners Permit

Shooting at personal properties also requires you to talk to the concerned authorities at first. You need to address all the concerns of the owner and make sure that they are satisfied. Certain individuals are always bothered about the way people react when inexperienced filmmakers tend to damage their property. So, you need to make sure that things are set on the right course.



Scenes need to be shot at one location and then another location altogether. So you need to make sure that such locations are in close proximity with each other. If they are not, then you need to plan out ways to get to these places in time. In the wake of traffic and other factors, you need a proper plan to make everything work.

The Aspect of Creativity

Film Making and creativity are two terms that need to blend. Creativity is an aspect that you need to implement at every single moment of your shoot. It helps you take things in the right manner and also ensures that only productive work comes out from you. Hence, sum up all these points and pick the ideal location.