Capturing the best moments in portraits can get difficult due to multiple reasons. Sometimes the lighting is not perfect, and sometimes the subject in the portrait does not feel very confident about giving the best in the picture. Although a good photographer is capable of taking the right picture even in the most difficult situations. It is not because they have proper knowledge of their camera, but because they know how to create the right moments for clicking a perfect portrait. You can also capture more realistic portraits using these tips.

Talk to your subjects before the session

before the session

Preplanning the things before the session is always the best idea. It helps in having the delay in arranging the things at the time of the shoot. You should discuss with your subject about the theme of the portrait, what they will be wearing, and what locations will you be using to taking photos. Talk about the mood and impact of the photos and ask if they are uncomfortable with anything in the plan.

Look for the light

One of the most important parts of a portrait is its details. You need proper lighting for good photos. Choose a time when it is not too bright for your subject, and not too low to be unable to capture dark shades. Right before sunset and after sunrise is a good time to capture portraits. Many professional photographers choose this golden hour to click pictures rather than having a session in broad daylight.

Find a good background

A good background can help in providing the right contrast to the picture. Make sure that the background is not too bright as it will take the focus away from the subject in the portrait. Only the subject should have bright colours. Select a background which fits correctly with the subject, and it should not overshadow the importance of the subject. You can also keep the background as a blur instead of picking a spot.

good background

Guide the subject through poses

People may feel shy to pose for pictures. It is your job to make them feel comfortable and confident in who they are. People are nervous about having their photos taken, and it can reflect in their poses. You can try explaining the poses by doing it yourself. This way, they will start to have fun with the pictures and try their best to imitate what you want to capture.

Communicate with your subject

Keep your subjects relaxed by showing them in between the session and tell them what you plan on doing. Keep them busy and informed throughout the session. You can also talk about the place you have gone to take pictures. Find common ground so that they feel like they know you and take the session as a friendly outing.

Ask them for ideas

People might have their own creative ideas bubbling in their heads. You can take those ideas and create something they are excited about. This will help you in saving your time on deciding on an idea and will also give your subject they own taste in the session. Let them also feel that they are an important part of the session and their ideas and opinion matter for its success.